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Karen Verlardi, Franchise Owner since 2008.


Primrose Franchise Owners don't just
do well, they do a lot of good.
Loves making a difference in children’s lives.
Karen Verlardi
Primrose Schools
Franchise Owner since 2005
Makes a difference in children’s lives.
Karen Verlardi
Primrose Franchise Owner since 2005

1-in-4 Primrose Franchise Owners have multiple schools. That’s because they’ve experienced the rewards of making a lasting impact on the lives of children, their families, their communities and themselves.

The early education market is blooming.

Demand for high-quality, early education and care has never been higher in the United States. A 2010 McKinsey report on education reform shows that early education does more for a child's chance for success in school and in life than at any other time in their development. The latest research shows that a newborn's brain is only about one-quarter the size of an adult's. It grows to approximately 80 percent of its adult size by three years of age and 90 percent by age five.* Not surprisingly then, an estimated 12.5 million children under the age of 4 are enrolled in some form of child care at any given time.**

As more and more parents value this critical time in a child's development, Primrose Schools®, as The Leader in Early Education and Care®, is ideally positioned to address the growing need for excellent, innovative care and early childhood education nationwide.

Ranked in 2015 and 2016 as one of the top and fastest growing franchises by Forbes and Inc. Magazine, Primrose recently enjoyed an all-time high in system revenue, which included the strongest quarter on record in the company's 36-year history. We like to think it comes from planting the best seeds in the right soil.

* Zero to Three® National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families
** U.S. Census Bureau


Child Care Industry in 2016
Laura Daniel
Franchise Owner since 2010

Education-based child care is expected to grow at an even faster pace than the overall child care market.

And Primrose is the leader.

* IBISWorld, Day Care in the US: Market Research Report

Start Something Worthwhile

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Some rewards can't be measured in numbers.

Primrose Schools offers everything you would expect from a premier school: excellent proprietary early education blueprint and delivery model, weekends off, the opportunity for financial security and sense of purpose.


Sleep well knowing every building block for the foundation of your Primrose school has been researched, planned, equipped, supported and delivered. Play kitchen sink included.


Monday through Friday business hours allow you the flexibility to manage your own time and balance your quality of life. Still, lots of Franchise Owners choose to put in extra hours – engaging in outreach, community activities and networking.


The $47.8 billion child care industry will continue to grow as the economy continues to recover, unemployment decreases and more parents re-enter the workforce.*

* IBISWorld, Day Care in the US: Market Research Report


Primrose Franchise Owners are making an important difference by meeting the need for quality early learning and care for children and families in their communities.

You don’t have to be an educator. We’ll teach you what you need to know.

Primrose Franchise Owners come from all different backgrounds: finance, tech, real estate, healthcare and sales to name a few. The characteristics they all have in common are strong relationship-building skills, a desire to do meaningful work and a passion for our family-focused brand.

More than 70% of Franchise Owners are former Primrose parents, worked at a Primrose school, or know a child who attended one.
Let's get started.
480 thousand dollars to 870 thousand dollars.

The formula for a Primrose school is based on our 36 years of developing our early education business model. Equity in your home and former employer retirement accounts might qualify as liquid assets. Our Franchise Development team is available to help identify other ways to make it all add up.

* Average

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