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Welcome to Primrose Schools Franchise News

Three Reasons to Invest in Child Care Franchising

By Chris Goethe, VP of Franchising, Primrose Schools

Brian and Melissa Mart, Franchise Owners of Primrose School of Chapel Hill at Briar Chapel

Do you wake up every morning excited for what you will accomplish? Or do you dread going to the office? People want to find fulfillment in their careers, and research shows that it’s in our nature for us to want to make a difference in the lives of others. I’m no exception – that’s why I wake up every day grateful that I landed in the early education field.      

My job is especially rewarding, because I am able to help entrepreneurs find their own passion-filled careers. It’s extremely fulfilling to help many professionals from diverse backgrounds make their dream of serving their communities a reality through early education franchising. Often, Franchise Owners talk about what they love about owning a Primrose school —here are a few things that they find gratifying.

Laying the Foundation for Happy, Healthy Lives

The early years of life are crucial for a child’s development. By the time children turn five, nearly 90 percent of their brains have developed. Within these years, it’s important to help children build the foundation they need to grow into happy adults who love who they are and what they do. Early education plays an important role in a child’s development. At Primrose, our exclusive Balanced Learning® approach is created from the best early education wisdom and is designed to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion in children.

Dr. Laura Jana, former Primrose Franchise Owner, pediatrician and current national child health spokesperson, was drawn to Primrose because of the way we approach learning and development in the early years: “The curriculum is developmentally appropriate – it fits with what I know as a pediatrician and as a parent. It’s realistic in terms of implementation, and it’s presented to Franchise Owners in a way that’s doable.”

Working in early education gives you an opportunity to shape and contribute to children’s lives during the most critical time in their development. There is nothing more fulfilling than preparing a young child for lifelong success.

Strengthening America’s Future

Early education extends far beyond learning colors, numbers and the ABCs. It sets the foundation for learning, shapes our future leaders and helps to make the world a better place. Investing in the early years yields a much higher ROI than investing in any other time in a person’s life.

Franchise Owner Rick Radtke’s dream for his school is for the children who leave Primrose to grow up to be both good students and good citizens: “Our hope is that when the students walk out of our school, they have a true love of learning, and that learning will be something they do throughout their lives.”

That’s something to be passionate about. Franchise Owners often tell me that watching their former students grow and succeed is their favorite part of owning a Primrose school. We’ve been around for more than 30 years and can see the incredible impact our alumni are making in their communities and in our country.

Giving Back to Communities

If you want to give back to your community, owning a child care franchise is one of the best ways to do so. Primrose schools strengthen communities by supporting local families and children and by holding philanthropic events throughout the year that are built into the curriculum. Owning a school also provides many other opportunities to give back. In fact, many Primrose Franchise Owners become community leaders who serve their cities in a variety of ways.

Keri Stoltz, Franchise Owner of Primrose School of Midtown at Colony Square, values how owning a school has better connected her to her community: “My husband and I are now at every festival and parade to support what’s going on locally.”

Keri Stoltz, Franchise Owner of Primrose School of Midtown with family

If you are looking for a more meaningful career that allows you to serve your community and contribute to children’s lifelong success, I encourage you to explore early education franchise opportunities. I’ve shared a few reasons why investing in child care is so rewarding, but there are many other benefits to owning a Primrose school. Learn more here: http://franchise.primroseschools.com/opportunity.